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Welcome to ITALY4EAST International

When a company decides to expand its operations to international markets, it is essential to accomplish previous analysis of the target markets and looking for the possible opportunities to be exploited.
To establish the right strategy is a vital element to be success in the global markets. Unfortunately, many companies around the world don´t make this step seriously, and the result is a fail market entry. This is evident fact from small caps to big corporations that have failed in the internationalization process.

Italy4East International to be success in the International Scenario.

Internationalization of Italian, European and international companies .

Made in ITALY • Made with ITALY • Made in EUROPE • Made with EUROPE

At INSIDE Italy4East  International, we help to turn opportunities into realities, allowing customers to get the best performance from their competitive advantages.
We turn the challenge of investing in new markets into success. A NEW INTERNATIONALIZATION.

INSIDE  Italy4East International Company we  provides a full range of integrated services for businesses expanding to international markets.
We have more than 15 years of specialization in the field providing international consulting services.



The market is changing rapidly, as are customer requirements, especially  after COVID period.

Companies usually do not react to these developments in time. The reasons for this can be many and varied, but at its core is that the pressure is not yet great enough. A good indicator of this situation is often the sentence “We’ve always done it this way”.

A new international strategy can be the saving anchor and significantly improve the situation. But it can also be operated from a position of strength to further increase the advantage.

No matter what position you are in right now or how your company is doing – we at Italy4East International support you efficiently and goal-oriented to ensure future success for your international projects in EU, Switzerland, Russia & CIS, Central Asia.



Italy4East International offers a range of high quality advisory, Management & Marketing consulting and support services to help startups, small and middle market companies from Italy, EU, Switzerland, Russia, CIS, Central Asia countries, successfully establish business operations in foreign markets. We offer more than just advice and reports – we focus on RESULTS!

Our multilingual team of international professionals has the expertise and knowledge to help your company succeed globally! We help our Clients develop new markets and implement management & marketing strategies across a broad range of high-growth and emerging industry sectors including: high-tech startups, ICT, 3Dtechnology, nanotechnology, transportation and logistics, financial & investment services, retail, consumer goods, all type of manufacturing, medical devices and technology, food technology, metal mechanic technology industries, oil&gas technologies & services, agro industrial sectors, business education, business travel and tourism, e-commerce.

What We Offer

Internationalization of Europe, Switzerland, East Europe,
Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia, India

Management Strategic Consulting

Finance Management Consulting

International Sales & Marketing

M&A Legal

Investment management

International Trade Consulting

Learning & Company Development

Innovation Digital Ecosystem

Internationalization Services Consulting

Looking for Internationalization of your Company?

International Projects

We work for your Business Success

Raw material • Production • Private label • Boutique • Concept • Certification

Distribution • Private label • Production • Certification

Distribution • Private label • Production • Certification

Distribution • Private label • Production • Certification

Distribution • Private label • Production • Certification

B2B & Private Luxury projects
• Hotels • Business Centers
• Airports • Department Stores

Production • Project
• Concept • Architecture & Design
• Business Partnership • Start Up

Business Program Consulting • Temporary Strategy Manager
Temporary Legal Manager Lawyer • Temporary Export Manager
Temporary Business Development Manager • Temporary Digital Marketing Manager

Business Partnership • JV • Start Up

Architectural Projects  • Raw material  • Machinery • Products • Certifications

B2B Matching • B2B Fair • B2B Travel Leisure• Airports • Business Partnership

International Communication • Branding • B2B Research • Certification

Production • JV • Concept • Airports • Projects • Business Partnership
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Global Locations

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Successful Projects

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Years of Experience

Meet Our Business Partners

Your Business Advise for YOU

Liliana Ursu

Founder Italy4East International
International Business Development Management
Italy Russia Central Asia

Alberto De Cadilhac

Business Management Lawer Partner
Italy4East International

Alessandro Orizio

Export Project Manager
Business Partner Italy4East International

Debora Bernocchi

Italian and European Trademark Design
Attorney Management

Bianca Tudor

Business Adviser & Serial
Entrepreneur EU & GCC

Fabio Regina

Academy Didactic &Scientific
Director Accademia Start

Stefano Spazzi

Cassation lawyer
Civil law
and contracts

Roberto Jonghi Lavarini

International Business
Development Partner
Italy4East International
Italy Europe Africa

Lali Panchulidze

International Communication
Cultural Activities Manager
Italy4East International
Italy Georgia Caucaso

Trust Our International Partners

Our Partners for Internationalization

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