Our management and marketing international consulting services focus on our B2B & B2C & D2C Clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, legal management and sustainability across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, international functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

What We Offer

Internationalization of Europe, Switzerland, East Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia, India

Management Strategic Consulting

Solving strategic challenges. Together.

Clarity, impact, mastery and collaboration. That’s our approach. To unlock the future on the other side of your complex, unknown or worthwhile challenge. Together.

The rapid change trajectory of today’s corporate environment mandates organisations to embark on new transformation journeys and constantly respond to novel market developments. ​

No business – whatever its size or age – is exempt from this reality, which gives rise to a constant influx of complex challenges after Covid period. ​

We help companies make sense of the future and create better strategic choices.

We challenge conventional thinking with fact-based external views and bring our deep functional expertise into play to help companies shape and test their international  strategic choices.​

All companies must turn complex challenges into simple solutions and strategies to have great business opportunities  for the future.

Finance Management Consulting

Italy4East International working with clients to improve their institutional performance, governance, risk management and processes, and help tailor their financial services to meet the needs of economic sectors that drive development, such as trade, infrastructure, small and medium-sized enterprises.

With our on-the-ground knowledge of emerging markets and deep experience working at the intersection of private and public finance, we help client turn their development plans into real-world initiatives that promote economic opportunity and growth for their countries.

From diagnostic analysis through to development impact tracking and strategic implementation:

Strategy and Business plan
Strategic communication
Institutional Development
Risk & Financial Management
Impact Assessment & Monitoring & Evaluation 
International Experts online on-call

International Sales & Marketing

Italy4East International help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting your B2B & B2C & D2C customers at the center of your company’s strategy.

Our approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every touch point.

From our breakthrough research on customer loyalty to our proven approach to customer episode redesign, we offer the insights to help you realize the full sales and marketing potential. We don’t just help your organization develop a rock-solid strategy; our team will help you execute on every ambition, providing the tools, diagnostics and benchmarks necessary to transform how you serve your customers and earn their lasting devotion:

International Strategic MarketingMarket ResearchBrand & Customer StrategyStrategic Export Marketing PlanB2B, B2C, D2C GO TO Markets

M&A Legal Consulting

Italy4eastInternational, through a specialized Partners Team of Lawyers Professionals, is able to offer its Italian or Foreign B2B or B2C Clients both out-of-court and judicial legal advice, in the three levels of judgment, in the following matters:

International Law:

  • drafting of opinions – legal due diligence – international contracts;
  • consultancy in M&A transactions (acquisitions, mergers and incorporations);
  • consultancy in operations for the establishment of joint ventures;
  • litigation in Italy, credit recovery.


Commercial / Industrial Law:

  • business consultancy also in the start-up phase;
  • corporate contracts;
  • legal actions to protect the company;
  • bankruptcy / insolvency procedures;
  • advice and actions for the protection of trademarks and patents;
  • licensing, franchising agreements.


Tax Law:

  • consultancy and management of tax and tax litigation;
  • consultancy in credit restructuring operations with public bodies;


Banking / Financial Law:

  • banking / financial consultancy for the opening and granting of ordinary loans to companies (opening current accounts, self-liquidating, revolving, subject to collection, factoring, leasing);
  • banking / financial advice on facilitated and structured finance;
  • out-of-court and judicial management of the relationship with the banking class (restructuring, econometric appraisals, compound interest, usury);


Penal  Law:

  • legal advice and assistance on corporate penal offenses;
  • legal advice and assistance on penal offenses against directors and members of the board of directors

Investment management

An alternative to traditional financing and access to international investors. More and more people develop new business ideas, new projects and start- ups are emerging every day, sometimes out of necessity and others guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of people and teams, but what is a common characteristic of them all is the need for financing and investment support. And Italy4East International offer an alternative to traditional financing or public venture capital. Our Partners expertise is known for its wealth, high purchasing power and the corporations’ and individuals’ willingness to continue investing. And, our network in the regions of Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan has shown interested not only in investing in innovative projects and start- ups (seed capital – venture capital) but also in spin- offs and projects of consolidated international firms(Italian, swiss and russian) as well as experienced and well positioned companies in their sectors (private equity) to diversify their investment portfolios and improve their international competitiveness.

Advice and design of the investment strategy

  • Analysis and development of a fundraising needs assessment.
  • Identification, contact and negotiation with the “sources of capital” (investors).
  • Search for alliances, strategic and/or technological partners
  • Advice on corporate strategy and growth.
  • Business valuation.
  • Synergy analysis.
  • Financial models and planning.
  • Business plan and feasibility studies.
  • Fairness opinion.

Negotiation and support in Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Purchase of companies, spin- offs and other assets.
  • Sale of companies, subsidiaries and other assets.
  • Mergers.
  • Design of mergers and acquisitions strategies.
  • Negotiation and accompaniment.
  • Representation of investors.

Post-transactional services

  • Post Merger Integration (PMI).
  • Reduction of cultural barriers.
  • Key stakeholders’s management during the integration process.
  • Continuous control over planning, risks and dependencies.
  • Achievement of the synergy strategy.
  • Determination of clear targets and allocation of critical resources to key initiatives.
  • Representation of investor (board or operational levels and positions).

International Trade Consulting

International trade operations:

  • Specifics and types of international trade deals (leasing, barter, carriage, supply, etc.)
  • Specifics of concluding different types of international trade deals
  • Basic conditions of international trade contracts
  • Obligations of the parties in international trade contracts
  • International trade accounting: incasso, letter of credit, etc.
  • Monetary and currency regulations and control
  • Factors influencing price of a good in a contract, analyzing world price tendencies
  • Special economic zones and entrepreneurship in these zones (Italy, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)
  • Patents, service marks, trade marks (registered trade rights and registration, inclusive international registration)

Supportive services:

  • Assistance in choosing and evaluating foreign partner
  • Preparing or checking an international trade contract, inclusive L/C deals
  • Participation in negotiations with foreign partners as the customer’s consultant

International transport operations:

  • International transportation system
  • Transport logistics in international trade
  • Transport operations in international trade
  • Conditions of international transportation
  • Regulations and organization basics of international transport
  • Intermediary services in international transportation
  • Transport documentation & certifications
  • International transportation insurance

Supportive services:

  • Developing of transportation scheme by all modes of transport
  • Assistance in choosing freight –forwarding company
  • Analysis of freight-forwarding or transportation agreement and recommendations
  • Participation in negotiations with transport and logistic companies as customer’s consultant

Customs clearance and brokerage:

  • Documentation regulating rules and procedure of customs clearance of transport means and goods, payment of duties, taxes, special customs procedures and regimes
  • Identifying customs tariff number, way of calculating customs dues with regards to specific goods and countries of origin
  • Non-tariff regulations like certification, licensing, and other permissive documentation
  • Providing recommendations for opening, closing, suspending a specific customs regime and optimal options of customs clearance
  • Legal evaluation and juridical analysis of every participant of the customs clearance process
  • Customs legal relations and conflicts and respective solutions

Supportive services:

  • Preparing documentation for customs clearance
  • Receiving permissive documentation (certificates of compliance, sanitary certificates, other paperwork)
  • Choosing customs clearance place, customs broker, and warehouse with respect to the trade deal and goods specifics
  • Negotiations with customs brokers and/or warehouse operators as customer’s consultant

Taxation of international trade activities:

  • Indirect taxes under export and import of the goods
  • Value added tax under import (VAT)
  • Value added tax under export (VAT)
  • Excise taxes under exports and imports

Supportive services:

  • Customs duties, taxes, fees, excise taxes, etc.
  • Recommendations to VAT return

Innovation Digital Ecosystem

Supporting companies in innovation, also through digital solutions.



  • Analyzing and developing the company’s business model, identifying opportunities for innovation in offering, customer relationship management, production and logistics processes, internal operating processes for digitalization of



  • Alphabetising organisations: getting to know the DT phenomenon that is so much discussed and understanding its potential within one’s own company.
  • Identifying digital solutions and technologies capable of empowering and making business and process innovations exponential: Digital Transformation is not technology, it is strategy. International Digitalization.
  • Designing sustainable processes of digital transformation, according to budget limits and consistent with the digital skills present in the company.



  • Identifying the “as is” of the digital culture of companies from the technological (infrastructures, tools, applications, cloud, IT security), cultural (digital skills, culture and mindsets oriented towards digital innovation) and organizational (how digital are the processes and working methods? can the organization support a digital evolution?) points of view.
  • Identifying the distance compared to a desired level, consistent with the complexity of the company.
  • Bridging the gap from a technological, organizational, cultural and digital skills point of view.
  • Digitalization for Internationalization of a company: D2C . E – commerce, Social media , Marketplace.

Internationalization Services

In a globalized world like todays, after covid period, the Internationalization is an opportunity to enhance companies’ competitiveness and market’s segment positioning. However, in recent years it has gone from being a strategic option to become an imperative to achieve not only competitiveness but even the survival of many industries.

Many companies have taken this path, and those that have developed internationalization strategies are now receiving their rewards: they have achieved their goals, acquired knowledge along the way and attained key competitive advantages that are indispensable to their companies. Nonetheless, Italy4East International begins this introduction by recalling that it won’t be an easy and simple initiative.

Internationalization requires patience and perseverance. And, it is a commitment that the whole team should compromise to. The companies and the people that form them should be immersed in a process of change, to evolve from the start point and to reach the summit transformed into an internationalized company. And companies should continue with their journey, capitalizing their experience and reaching new heights (new markets, new segments, and countries), exploring new routes (different strategies depending on the target market) with new partners (new teams and partnerships) but without losing their adventurous, entrepreneurial and international spirit.

Our Services for Internationalization:

Temporary Export management Outsourcing

Internationalization Plan

International Sales & Business Segment Indentification.

Marketing Research & Benchmarking

International Branding & Marketing Strategies

International Marketing & Social Communication

International Digitalization

Trade& Business Missions

Learning & Company Professional Development

Business Academy Start for companies
Create the best business ecosystem

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International background & Consultants
International Partners
Turnkey services
Professionalism, Focus on Results, Speed of Action.

Internationalization B2B Membership

Marketing Research

/ month

min 6 months

Italy4east International specializes in serving the International research community.

We have extensive experience in conducting global studies utilizing our expansive network of partners worldwide, providing both international scope and local knowledge to research.

We also regularly provide our based research services to international B2B Clients.

We are well-versed in working with Partners from various cultures, regions, and time zones, effectively and efficiently.

Business Partnership

/ month

min 6 months

Strategic Business Partnerships will help you create an ecosystem of strategic alliances to maximize your competitive advantage in the World.

Partnership with other businesses can help your small business improve performance in areas where you do not have skills or resources. You can use partnership to increase your manufacturing capacity. Partners can also take responsibility for business functions that require specialized skills, such as accountancy Legal, Finance or Marketing, so you do not have to recruit permanent staff.

International Projects

/ month

min 12 months

We provide the best combination of skills, experience, language capacity, and contextual and cultural relevance.

Our combined expertise allow us to support programs and projects designed to help our Clients achieve a number of the best Goals.

We offer the following program and project support services:

  •  Identification
  •  Design
  •  Implementation
  •  Management
  •  Performance measurement & Review

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